Now do okay lucrative furniture market prospects do

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In the overcapacity and backward in the background, the development of traditional furniture industry is facing many unfavorable factors: the domestic market under pressure from fuel costs and labor costs rise rapidly; the export markets are facing shrinking exports, RMB appreciation pressure; the upstream face of the industry chain pair is becoming scarce, prices continued rising raw material; downstream sales market, the industry's own marketing shortage facing price war situation. Meanwhile, the real estate by the impact of macro-control policies, sales turnover rate has dropped, but also conductive to affect furniture sales.

Furniture companies face severe form or expand the implementation of mergers and acquisitions to increase market weight or increased leveraging policies such as opening trade policy to increase sales of furniture, or the Nuggets high-end market. Prospective net release of "China's furniture industry demand forecasting and investment strategy planning analysis report" shows that in 2012 China's furniture manufacturing industry achieved sales 543.89 billion yuan, 34.466 billion yuan total profit, up by 8.95% and 19.09%, above-scale enterprises number 4412.

Prospects network that from the beginning of a 10-year, China's furniture industry has experienced industry and market competition changes, showing the following characteristics:

Industry structure greatly changed

Rise of Sichuan furniture industry, relying on its depth of excavation firm in 23 domestic markets, the furniture scale, industrialized energy, and independent stores channel expansion netting energy combine to form a system competitive. Beijing Furniture rely on Beijing market brand replacement capacity rise. Ultimately, the Guangdong faction, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, rhubarb, Beijing school, a quarter of the world.

Confluence of three forces

Confluence of three forces (furniture industry, real estate, government), industrial strategic layout is still in a major restructuring among: Western Industrial Base (Chongzhou, 8 square kilometers), the northern industrial base (Xianghe), Eastern Industrial Base (MSC, 13 square kilometers) , Central Industrial Base (Wuhan, gold city, Qianjiang) and so on.

Industry restructuring

A new wave of industrial restructuring is being led, the leading furniture manufacturers are through information technology and high-tech, manufacturing and service channels deep integration, it is to achieve organizational and management changes, to lay the initial foundation manufacturing to service transformation. This wave of wave will further promote in the next five years, the diffusion depth of change in China furniture brand manufacturers the ability and appearance.

Birth representative firm

A group of manufacturing companies came about 20 years after precipitation, is becoming a representative model and brand strength, become affect the future backbone of the Chinese furniture industry restructuring.

In the process of urbanization continues to accelerate in the background, forward-looking network that until 2016 the market size of China's furniture industry will reach 1.4851 trillion yuan.

Although there are some problems the furniture industry, but as China's economic recovery is speeding up the process of urbanization, the market scale of China's furniture industry is growing, the industry outlook is still very good.